2017 Annual Open Enrollment and Dependent Verification 

What to expect now that 2017 Annual Open Enrollment has ended……  

What is the effective date of my Open Enrollment changes? 

Most of your Open Enrollment changes will go into effect on January 1, 2017.  The exceptions are: 

  • Short Term Disability – Coverage will take effect on July 1, 2017 as long as you are not on a Leave of Absence.
  • Supplemental Life Insurance – Amounts requiring Evidence of Insurability will go into effect as soon as Unum approves the additional coverage. Click here to learn more. 

Do I need to submit any documentation for my changes to go into effect? 

If you are enrolling a new family member you must provide supporting documentation and additional forms no later than January 31, 2017.  These documents include:  

 Until you provide these additional documents and forms your dependents are not enrolled for coverage  

Insurance carriers (Aetna, EvisionRxOptions, HMSA and Triple S) will be notified of enrollment once Costco approves coverage.  You can insure that notification is provided quickly by submitting your additional forms and documentation as soon as possible. 

In any case, if these documents and forms are not received by January 31, 2017 your Open Enrollment requests will be cancelled and you will have to wait until the next Annual Open Enrollment or a qualified change in status to request these changes again.  

Where do I submit additional documentation?  

Documentation must be submitted in one of the three ways no later than January 31, 2017. 


  • Log into the Enrollment Website
  • From the home page, go to My Alerts to navigate to the “Dependent Approval” page
  • Follow the instructions to upload electronic documents for each eligible dependent  

By Mail 

Costco Wholesale 

Attn: Dependent Documents 

PO Box 5838 

Hopkins, MN 55343

 By Fax 


Attn: Enrollment Center  

How can I view my 2017 benefits?  

You can view your benefits at any time by logging onto the Enrollment Website. A final confirmation statement reflecting your 2017 benefit selections will be mailed to you at your home address in mid-December.  You have until January 31, 2017 to report any errors to the Benefit Department.   

To report an error, simply write the correction on the Confirmation Statement.  Be sure to sign and date your correction.  Forward the Confirmation Statement to the Benefit Department by: 

  • Fax 425/427-3069
  • Intercompany Mail to Location 99 – Attn: Benefits Department Open Enrollment
  • Mail to Costco Wholesale, PO Box 34195, Seattle, WA 98124Attn:  Benefits Department Open Enrollment.  

Why is my Supplemental Life Insurance election “pending?”  

If you made changes to your Supplemental Life Insurance amounts you may need to complete an Evidence of Insurability application. If an Evidence of Insurability application is required, one will be mailed to your address on file in December. If you do not receive the paper Evidence of Insurability application by the end of December call Unum at 1-877-403-9348.  

To view your 2017 Supplemental Life Insurance elections log onto the Enrollment Website.  

Will I get new cards?  

You will find listed below the types of cards that will be mailed to employees in January:  

  • New medical and pharmacy cards will be mailed to employees that:
    • Live in HI, MN, ND and WI
    • Made changes such as elected coverage for the first time or added/dropped a family member
  • PayFlex FSA Debit Cards to employees who elected a Healthcare Reimbursement Account for the first time. PayFlex FSA Debit cards are valid for 5 years.  

You can contact Aetna, HMSA, Triple S or EnvisionRXOptions at anytime to request additional cards or if you do not receive your new cards by the end of January. Click here for contact information.