AbleTo Support Program

My AbleTo coach let me know it can be about me even if when taking care of others. In a friendly and caring way my coach gave me the tools I needed to handle everything I was going through.

- Sydie from Issaquah, WA

Free, confidential support program for medical events and life challenges 

For many of us, unexpected medical events, chronic disease and life changes can be more than physical. When working to recover, feelings of sadness, anxiety and stress can take a toll, keeping you from fully recovering and moving forward to your best life. The Live Healthy Team is here for you, even when life events make it tough to reach out. We are ready to get you the help you need using a proven support program from AbleTo (pronounced "able to"). 

AbleTo can help you with:

Heart Health
Learn how to live with and manage a heart condition. 

Manage the challenges of living with diabetes. 

Postpartum Challenges
Learn to manage unexpected feelings following the birth of a child. 

Pain Management
Learn to deal more effectively with pain so that it doesn’t hold you back. 

Mental Health
Get help with feelings of depression, sadness, anxiety and stress. 

Cancer Recovery
Receive support during recovery and living as a survivor.

Gastrointestinal Illness
Manage the stress and anxiety associated with GI illness.

Respiratory Disease
Manage the anxiety that often accompanies COPD and asthma.

Manage the overwhelming feelings associated with caring for others.

Develop skills and tools to help with the recent loss of a loved one. 

 What you need to know:

  • AbleTo is free and confidential.
  • You attend your sessions at home by telephone or video chat. No traveling, no office visits, no waiting rooms.
  • Employees and enrolled dependents ages 18 and over are eligible.*
  • You are connected to a licensed therapist and coach who will listen and help you transition back into your life.
  • You’ll participate in two 45-minute sessions a week for an eight (8) week period.
  • Convenient appointment hours 7:00 am to 11:00 pm (All time zones), 7 days a week.

How to get started:

Visit to request to speak to a Specialist or call the Live Healthy Team at 1-800-814-3543 Monday - Friday, 7am - 7pm CST. A Live Healthy Coach will help you decide if AbleTo is right for you.

*AbleTo is available in the U.S. mainland states. It is currently not available in Hawaii or Puerto Rico.