Smoking Cessation Program

If you’re a smoker, you already know that smoking is not good for your health. That’s why Costco has partnered with QuitNet to provide our employees with a tobacco cessation program. This program includes medication to curb the urge to smoke and provides emotional support to help you pass the craving. Now you can get the help you need to stop using tobacco for good!

All benefit eligible employees may participate in the program as well as their spouses, domestic partners, and covered children over the age of 18. If you are NOT a benefit eligible employee you are welcome to contact the CARE Network at 1-877-578-0528 for a referral to stop-smoking programs offered in your community.

At no cost to the participant, the program covers telephone counselors, on-line quit program and nicotine replacement therapies such as nicotine patches, lozenges and gum.

Enrolling is simple! Log onto or call a telephone representative at 1-866-218-7719. Completing the enrollment process just takes a few minutes. You can also view an online presentation regarding Costco’s smoking cessation program by clicking here.