Care Network Services

Care Network services provided to you at no cost include:  

·         Counseling – Short term evaluation and counseling sessions with a Care Network mental health professional. The plan will cover up to six visits per personal issue.  

·         Help with personal issues – Below are some of the resources that the Care Network can provide for common life challenges.  

Parenting and child care

Workplace challenges

  • Communicating with your boss
  • Career development
  • Maintaining motivation and enthusiasm

Everyday issues

  • Consumer education
  • Moving and relocation resources
  • Balancing family and work life
  • Home repair

Adult care

  • Elder care options
  • Adjusting to retirement
  • Health and wellness
  • Nutrition


  • Academic planning
  • College and university searches
  • GED/vocational training

Legal and financial concerns

  • Retirement planning
  • Budget and credit management
  • Debt resolution
  • Legal resources and referrals

Relationship issues

  • Dealing with conflict
  • Marital/partner issues
  • Single life issues

Emotional health

  • Depression
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Adjusting to change
  • Alcohol and substance abuse


If you require lengthier or more specialized services than the Care Network is intended to provide, the Care Network staff can help you determine your choices and options. The decision to seek help and who will provide the help is always up to you. You are responsible for charges you incur as a result.

If you are a Costco medical plan participant, your Covered Expenses may be paid under the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefits.

Work-Life Webinars 

The Care Network provides monthly webinars on work-life topics such as getting organized; simplifying your life, helping your children become engaged learners and much more. Click here to view the 2017 Work-Life webinar calendar.

Learn to reduce stress and feel happier with myStrength available through the Care Network.  With myStrength you will have access to proven tools to help you learn to reduce stress, anxiety, depression or substance use. MyStrength is free, personal and private. With web and mobile apps you’ll have support at home and on-the-go. 

What You’ll Find on myStrength 

Personalized Workouts – Complete your new custom set of activities every day to support your mental health. 

Positive Inspiration – Find hope with a community of users and get help building your own goals. 

Monitor Progress – Use your MoodTracker and wellness assessments. You can see how you’re doing with the myStrength phone app too. 

Rock-solid advice – Explore videos and articles from leading clinicians. Discover sound tips on relationship and health topics. 

Get Started 

To get started visit the Care Network website and click on myStrength located on the home page.