Medical Benefits Information

Costco offers two medical plans: Aetna Select plan and Hawaii PPO and HMO plan. Each plan provides coverage for the preventive and routine care you need to stay well, plus the services and treatment you need when you're ill or injured. The plans differ in how they pay for covered expenses. Click here for a brief overview of each plan that is available. For more detailed information about plan benefits, coverage and features, see your Summary Plan Description.

Estimate the Cost of Care

If you'd like to get an idea of just how valuable your medical benefits are, visit Aetna Navigator and use the Estimate the Cost of Care tools. This online feature lets you estimate the average costs of medical procedures, office visits, tests, and diseases and conditions. One of the tools you'll find is Price-a-Medical ProcedureSM, which compares how network provider fees compare to those outside the network - an excellent way to help manage your health care expenses.

Preventive Care

To stay healthy and prevent diseases, you can get certain screening tests, take preventive medicine if you need it, and practice healthy behaviors. Click here to learn more about preventive care services and coverage for children and adults.

Clinical Policy Bulletin

Clinical Policy Bulletins (CPBs) are written on selected clinical issues, especially addressing new technologies, new treatment approaches, and procedures. Members and other consumers should review the information in Aetna's CPBs with their treating doctors so that they may more fully understand them.